Delivery & Pickup

· Call us, and we will deliver a portable container to your location with our state of the art low-profile trailer system.
· You load the container.
· Give us a call and we will pick up the unit and store it at our facility.

· Our well-maintained fleet of specialized trucks and experienced drivers are capable of moving even the   largest storage containers without having to outsource.
· Continuous training and safety meetings insure the safe and proper placement of your storage container.
· Our customer service representatives will discuss the delivery requirements prior to scheduling. Issues   such as slopes, clearance, space requirements, and road conditions will be taken into consideration.

1. Please try to provide a minimum of twenty-four hours notice for delivery or pickup.
2. A dry level site to ensure proper door alignment with adequate drainage.
3. A minimum of 15’ wide clearance and adequate length space to allow for various sizes.
4. The offsite storage container will be delivered on a slide off trailer therefore we need 14’ of overhead     clearance on the road to the delivery site and 20’ of overhead clearance where the container will tilt and slide     off. (This would be trees, overhead wires, and eaves).
5. Determine if we should load the storage container with the doors facing the cab or the rear of the truck.

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