· Wind & Water Tight
· Delivered to Site
· Double Locking Doors
· No Foundation Required
· Hardwood Floors
· All Steel High Security Design
· Tamper-Resistant Lockboxes
· Ground Level Access

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10’ NEW (USED ONE TRIP)______Please Inquire
20’ NEW (USED ONE TRIP)________$5,150
15’ STANDARD UNIT  ____________Please Inquire
20’ STANDARD UNIT  ____________$3,150
20’ INSULATED UNIT ______Please Inquire
24’ INSULATED UNIT ______$3,400
40’ STANDARD UNIT_______Please Inquire

Applicable sales tax, delivery and pickup charges are additional. All prices are subject to change without notice.

MODIFICATIONS On sale units only
Price each. All installation fees included.

Heavy duty lock box ______________________________________$125
Roll-up door (4’ X 6’7”)____________________________________$825
Metal clad door (2’8” X 6’7”) w/std doorknob& dead bolt___________$775

Electrical outlet or switch _________________________________ $125
Overhead fluorescent lighting (20’ UNITS) ____________________ $775
Overhead fluorescent lighting (40’ UNITS) ____________________ $925

Window (3’ X 3’)  _______________________________________ $350
Security Window________________________________________$450

Side screen louver vent (4”)_______________________________$75
Roof wind turbine  ______________________________________$175
Paint color option (non standard)___________________________$300
Skylights (2’ X 4’) _______________________________________$450

All prices subject to change without notice
For more information or to order please give us a call at 1-408-377-1400

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